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Bynonce announces 'Renaissance Act II' during 2024 Super Bowl, drops two new songs

12 Feb 2024

Las Vegas [US], February 12 (ANI): American singer and songwriter Beyonce at the 2024 Super Bowl announced the official release date of her upcoming album 'Renaissance Act II'.

The 'Break My Soul' singer announced that 'act ii' of her 2022 album will drop on March 29.

The superstar announced two new songs, "Texas Hold 'Em' and '16 Carriages'.

In an Instagram clip that showed Bey driving through the desert, she gave fans a glimpse into her new -- country! -- sound. A song, which could be titled Texas Hold'Em, played with lyrics "This ain't Texas, ain't no hold'em, so lay your cards down, down, down, down," reported PEOPLE.

It all came after Beyonce teased her list of "firsts" intending to break the Internet in a Verizon Wireless commercial.

Beyonce's announcement came off a big year for the superstar. In 2023, the 42-year-old toured her Renaissance album globally from May through October. The tour was released on film -- with behind-the-scenes content -- in Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce on Dec. 1, as per PEOPLE.

"I practically slept in the edit, color, and mix sessions," Beyonce said in an Instagram post as the film was released. "The race against time continued in order to get this film out so quickly. But it was so worth all the grind. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from my Hive."The American singer arrived during the second quarter of the championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Cheers erupted as the performer entered the stadium via a golf cart.

Beyonce's arrival came before Usher's halftime show. The musicians have previously collaborated on the song 'Love in This Club Part II' and shared the stage for a duo rendition of Usher's "Bad Girl" as early as 2004, as per PEOPLE.

Other celebrities in attendance included Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Blake Lively, Paul McCartney, Bad Bunny, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Lana Del Rey and more. (ANI)

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