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Rahul Gandhi visits Gurdwara Qila Baba Bedi Sahib in Himachal Pradesh's Una

26 May 2024

Una (Himachal Pradesh) [India], May 26 (ANI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday reached Gurdwara Qila Baba Bedi Sahib, the residence of Guru Nanak Dev ji's descendant Baba Sarvjot Singh Bedi.

At Gurudwara Qila Baba Bedi Sahib, Congress star campaigner Rahul Gandhi paid obeisance and offered prayers. He also accepted Kadah Prasad at the Gurudwara.

The visit of Rahul Gandhi to the Gurdwara Qila Baba Bedi Sahib comes amidst his public campaigning in Una.

Meanwhile, the official X handle of the Indian National Congress (INC) also posted about the visit of Rahul Gandhi and said, "Today, Rahul Gandhi reached the court of Baba Sahib Singh Ji Bedi in Una and paid obeisance."Rahul Gandhi also addressed a public rally in Himachal Pradesh's Nahan where he targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, "A government that will protect democracy and the constitution is going to be formed in the country. The government of INDIA is going to be formed."Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at PM Modi for not providing relief to the state during the disaster. In a post on X by Indian National Congress, the party quoted Rahul Gandhi as saying, "A disaster struck Himachal Pradesh. Then Himachal had asked for Rs 9,000 crore from the Modi government, but they did not give this money. When Himachal needed the Central Government the most, BJP tried to steal your government."Gandhi added, "Today the fight is to save the Constitution because it was because of the Constitution that this state was formed and you got Himachal Pradesh."In another post, Congress quoted Rahul Gandhi as saying, "A disaster struck Himachal Pradesh and 22,000 families suffered losses. We asked the Prime Minister for Rs 9 thousand crore for disaster relief, but Narendra Modi refused. Narendra Modi waived off Rs 16 lakh crore of 22 people, but could not give you Rs 9 thousand crore for disaster relief."While addressing the rally in Nahan, Rahul Gandhi also targeted PM Modi for his ties with Adani and said, "Due to the partnership of Modi, Adani and media, the farmers of Himachal do not get the right price for apples. Adani is controlling everything from the price of apples in Himachal to the ports, airports and defence sector of the country. Perhaps God might have told Narendra Modi that you should help Adani."Polling in all four seats in Himachal is scheduled for June 1. It will not only pit candidates vying for Lok Sabha membership from four seats but also elect members for six assembly seats that fell vacant following the resignation and switchover of dissident Congress lawmakers.

The BJP, which won all four Lok Sabha constituencies in the state in the 2019 elections, is eyeing an encore this time. (ANI)

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